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nam3l3ss z3r0: Halo RPG Pretty Please?


I may be alone in this forever alone in this but if Halo makes an RPG style game (mass effect, KOTOR, etc) I will lose my shit and not any but one where you are a Spartan one of the first or one from Onyx you can choose your class with Engineer : has an altered Monitor bot with gatling gun,…

Sounds interesting, but would you have random drops like the current games or just set loadouts for each class?

// Now What?//

Took my last final exam for my freshman year, now the two people that I know from the school left and I have absolutely nothing to do.

I might as well look for a job just to keep myself occupied over the summer.

// Tip for the Wise//

Always make sure all batteries are charged for your controller before walking into the O+S fight, if not, you will receive Smough’s  hammer straight to the face

// SL1 Challange Run Finally Complete//

After many deaths to Gywn and his faithful Black Knights, Gywn was finally defeated and the Age of Fire has been extended as much as a SL1 undead can extend it 

// SL1 Challenge//

Finally acquired all of the lord’s souls, but the Gywn fight has just been impossible always one-shotting me as soon as I get in the fog gate. 

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If only i had a PS3….

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// SL1 Pyromancy Run//

Finally past Anor Londo, Contemplating which Lord Soul will be first to die by my hands.

Using the Emarrel’s SL1 Playthrough videos as a guideline for the playthrough.

Link for the Beginning of the run:


#ncat #aggieAlert #staySafe


#ncat #aggieAlert #staySafe


Once I graduate undergrad, I will miss the band marching around campus late nights and I can just look out my window and see them.

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Randomness at it finest